Act Belong Commit


Being active, having a sense of belonging and having a purpose in life all contribute to happiness and good mental health Act-Belong-Commit is a comprehensive health promotion campaign that encourages individuals to take action to protect and promote their own mental well being and encourages organisations that provide mentally healthy activities to promote participation in those activities. 

Smiling Mind is modern meditation for young people. It is a unique web and App-based program, designed to help bring balance to young lives.  The Smiling Mind program is here to make you feel a little clear, calm and content. Smiling Mind offers a 10-level course that will make your mind more clear, calm and content. is Australia’s leading online youth mental health service, where you can get the help you need, where and when you need it. Every year helps hundreds of thousands of people under 25 tackle everything from finding motivation to getting through really tough times. You can access no matter where you are, with tools and tips for making everyday life a little easier. It’s the perfect place to start if you don’t know where to look. 

User-friendly, easy to navigate around, has an enormous amount of useful information, feature stories, facts, videos, forums, apps and tools

Become a Volunteer, rather than a consumer of these programs

Smiling Minds (

Reach Out ( 

Websites for Support if You’re Feeling Depressed:

Beyondblue – Phone 1300 22 4636

Youthbeyondblue - Phone: 1300 22 4636  

Black Dog Institute

If You’re Concerned That Someone You Know is Suicidal and In Immediate Danger:

Contact Emergency Services on 000 or get them to a Doctor or hospital immediately. Don’t take chances. 

These services should be used by people involved in a mental health emergency:

Lifeline   - Phone 13 11 14   

Suicide Call Back Service – Phone 1300 659 467

Mental Health Emergency Response Line (MHERL) – Phone 1300 555 788